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It is our policy to give children work to be completed at home as we feel that it is a valuable and essential part of their school work.  It enhances the quality of the children's education and strengthens the home-school partnership and, as such, as we actively encourage parents to share homework with their children.


Children will be asked to learn or find out about various topics that they are learning about in school.  This may entail talking to family members or looking in books, magazines, newspapers and on the internet.  This activity may well be connected with their work or something that has been discussed at school.  When appropriate, spellings and multiplication facts which your child needs to learn will be sent home each week and your co-operation may be sought from time to time to help with some extra practice which the teacher feels will benefit your child.


One area where parents can offer considerable support their child is in reading.  Every child will have the opportunity and will be expected to take home each night a book from schol and it will be of enormous benefit if parents read together with their child on a regular basis.  This should not be an arduous task set for the child but rather an enjoyable experience shared by parent and child.


Further details of our approach to reading will be provided before and during your child's time at school. Our homework programme is revised annually and a curriculum newsletter describing the details for each year group is sent home each term.  As stated in our Home-School Agreement, we expect parents to support in completing and marking homework.